Alexandra Lantzsch

Growing up travelling Europe’s competition circuit with Beate ignited a passion for horses that’s never been put out. In her teenage years Alex became more and more involved in SonoVet, and currently works closely with Beate in the day-to-day activities of the business.
Alex works full time as a procurement specialist in international consultancy, holds an undergraduate degree in International Trade & Finance, and a Master’s Degree with Distinction in International Business. She spends the sunrise hours of every day with her competition horse, Paris – horses are still a huge passion and she upholds a commitment to the ongoing learning of creating and maintaining happy, healthy horses, even when we are pushing them to their performance peaks.

“Horses are complex creatures, however they are endlessly kind and loving, and for that I believe they deserve the absolute best care and dedication that we can offer them. That is my commitment to my horses, and to SonoVet clients.” 

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