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Cxevalo Hoof Powder


Effectively care for hooves with moisture-related problems like mud fever and thrush in the hoof and pastern areas. The fine powder acts like lots of microscopically tiny sponges, and absorbs the excess moisture and toxins without drying out the hoof or pastern itself.

Ingredients: finest rock powder (zeolith-klinoptilolith) – 100% natural protection without any artificial additives.

Usage guide

Clean the hoof and pastern, either dry or with only damp materials. We recommend to gently wash the hoof/pastern and let it dry thoroughly before using the Cxevalo Hoof Powder. Apply powder to the affected area(s), and use your (clean) hands or a (clean) hoof pick to press on.

We recommend following this up with using the Cxevalo hoof balm as needed around the coronet and the rest of the hoof, to provide a nourishing finish.

IMPORTANT – in acute and/or severe cases, repeat daily.

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