BioCina Kräuter-Liniment / Herbal Liniment


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With plant ingredients. This product is extremely cooling and stimulates the blood flow. As a result it provides rapid relief and reduces swelling on account of its lymph-draining effect.


Fast help with bruises, strains, sprains, soreness as well as with chronic issues like joint pain and arthritic conditions.


BioCina Herbal Liniment is ph neutral and kind to the skin, so can be used daily even under bandages or saddle (e.g. for a quicker warm up of a cold backed horse) without causing skin irritations or blistering. Herbs ensure deep healing action and cooling is achieved by herbs rather than just by superficial evaporation of alcohol.

Eucalyptus extract, menthol, chamomile extract, hamamelis extract, rosemary oil, arnica extract, peppermint oil

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