Myths and Truths About Oats

The discussion around the feeding of oats is filled with truths, myths and misjudgments. The reputation of oats is destroyed and the trend of expensive muesli without oats (but with heaps of sugary molasses), especially when it smells delightful is ever growing. Many...

About Float Training

Your horse walks halfway into the float and then abruptly stops just before the hind feet get on the ramp? Travels result in a stressed, sweat bathed horse? The utmost important task should not be just get the horse in somehow and close the ramp, which very well might...

The “MOTOR” Sits in the Back!

Exercises that help activate the hind, increase strength and flexibility in the lower back and help connect the front to the “motor” in the back Transitions are the easiest way to get your horse to shift its weight to the back – when ridden correctly the transition is...
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