Cxevalo Cooling Shampoo


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An all-natural, refreshing, nourishing bath for your horse! Helps them cool down and soothe irritated skin.


This shampoo is made entirely from plant-based soaps, and is powerful, moisturising, and formulated to be in harmony with the pH level of horses’ skin. The natural power of the mint bring a long lasting, mild cooling effect even after the horse is dry. Perfect for performance horses and for horses affected by itch, eczema, and similar symptoms. Can also be used for the thorough cleaning of hooves with various conditions. Alcohol (ethanol) free.

Note: this product is 100% natural, and based on plant oils. As such, please store at room temperature. When the environment is too cold, small crystals may form. In this case, place the bottle in warm water (max. 40 degrees Celsius), until the shampoo is clear and liquid again. The high quality of the product will not be compromised in this process.

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