Cxevalo Hoof Balm


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About our Cxevalo Hoof Balm

Helps prevent drying out and cracks in the hoof – no need to wet the hoof before use! Elastic and nourished hooves thanks to natural plant oils and moisturises. A natural shine without the “sticky”.

The specially formulated oil-in-water emulsion with olive oil moisturises the hoof and helps seal in that moisture to protect it from drying out. Together with mint oil (antibacterial) and Vitamin E, the Cxevalo Hoof Balm cares for strained hooves and helps prevent future cracks.


Regularly apply the balm to a clean hoof. First, massage the coronet using the built-in brush. Let the balm sink in for a moment, then polish using a soft cloth. The inbuilt brush can be easily cleaned with water as needed. The perfect all-in-one solution!

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