Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay


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*100 % Natural Ingredients

*100 % Australian Made


Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay is suited to packing into holes or where hoof has been resected for Seedy Toe treatment, also for smearing on areas requiring treatment for thrush like bulbs, heels, frog and sole.


Vulcanized Mineral Rich Bentonite Clay Powder is the base for our Hoof Clay. It contains naturally occurring minerals such as Magnesium, Zinc, Silica, Iron and Calcium. Our Vulcanized Mineral Rich Clay Powder naturally kills yeast type bacteria. It is naturally healing and extremely absorbent.


Raw Honey is known for its amazing healing qualities. Zinc powder repels moisture as well as being antiseptic and antibacterial.


Good Gear Naturals Hoof Clay is simple to use and easy to apply. It can be smoothed, rolled, squashed or spread to stay put so that its active protective agents can allow the area to heal itself up naturally. Best of all it provides an antibacterial barrier to more contaminants from entering.


Active Ingredients

Zinc Oxide (non Nano)

Active Raw Honey

Vulcanized Mineral Rich Clay Powder

Essential Oils –Tea Tree and Eucalyptus


Good Gear Hoof Clay comes in 500g tubs.

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