Cxevalo Coat Care Spray


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Our Cxevalo Coat Care Spray is the natural choice for a brilliantly healthy shine!


Strengthens the coat, mane, and tail, and supports healthy growth. Anti-dandruff and anti-itch effect through 7 natural herbal extracts and oils. Healthy skin and shiny hair without silicone!

Healthy skin is the bases for a shiny coat. The 7 carefully chosen plant-based oils and extracts in this spray nourish the skin and strengthen the coat, mane and tail. This spray is suitable for everyday use as well as part of a more intensive regime targeted at certain skin conditions.

Active ingredients: stinging nettle extract, witch hazel extract, birch extract, neem extract, lavender oil, tea tree oil, clove oil – 100% free of silicone.

Guidelines for use:

Daily care: apply the Coat Care Spray to a soft brush, and brush evenly into the coat. For mane and tail, apply to a long hair brush and brush evenly through the mane and tail.

Acute treatment/intensive use: Apply the spray directly onto the crest/dock/affected area, and use your hands or an appropriate brush to massage it in. Let it sink into the skin, do not rinse. Can be used as needed to help combat dandruff or itchy skin.

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