Cxevalo Lavender Shampoo


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The mildest horse shampoo, for the gentlest care!


Cxevalo Lavender shampoo offers a powerful clean, whilst nourishing the coat, mane, and tail. The shampoo is made from plant based soaps, and in formulated in harmony with the horses’ skin’s natural pH levels. Promotes soft and shiny hair, with the gentle scent of lavender. Lavender is widely appreciated for its calming effects, but can also help deter a variety of insects.

Note: this product is 100% natural, and based on plant oils. As such, please store at room temperature. When the environment is too cold, small crystals may form. In this case, place the bottle in warm water (max. 40 degrees Celsius), until the shampoo is clear and liquid again. The high quality of the product will not be compromised in this process.

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